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Doctors Office for Pets

Veterinary Services

You may rest assured that your pets are in good hands at Doctors Office for Pets. When you need us the most, our compassionate staff is here to assist you.

Veterinary Services in Truckee, CA

A Group of Puppies

Pet Abdominal Ultrasound

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A Dog Playing with Rope

Pet Behavioral Consultation

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A Cat Brushing its Teeth

Pet Dentistry

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A Puppy Sleeping on a Rug

Pet Emergencies (Daytime)

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A Sleeping Cat

Pet Hospitalization (Daytime)

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A Dog Playing with Ball

In-House Pet Laboratory & Bloodwork

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A Puppy Lying on its Back

Pet Laser Therapy

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A White Dog

Pet Preventative Care

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Owner Holding a Puppy

Puppy & Kitten Programs

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A Cat with its Eyes Closed

Senior Pet Care

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A Group of Kittens

Pet Spay & Neuter

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A Cat Sleeping Comfortably

Pet Surgery

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A Cat With Gray Eyes

Pet Vaccinations

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A Dog Lying on Floor

Pet Wellness Exams

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A Dog Sitting on Grass

Pet X-Ray

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