Veterinary Services

In-House Pet Laboratory & Bloodwork

Learn more about our in-house pet laboratory & bloodwork services below.

Veterinary Services

In-House Pet Laboratory & Bloodwork in Truckee, CA

Whether for regular wellness visits or emergency care, our in-house laboratory saves time in testing and diagnosing. Our highly trained technicians and doctors make use of our state-of-the-art lab resources and equipment to better service your medical needs as well as provide immediate results.


A complete blood count (CBC) and a blood chemical analysis are generally combined in blood tests. A basic evaluation tool is blood tests. Every annual inspection for pets, especially those in their later years, should include a CBC. A veterinarian can use blood tests to track the progression of a pet’s illness.

Before anesthesia and surgery, routine blood tests are performed to ensure that your pet does not have a condition or sickness that might make anesthesia or surgery dangerous. This lab work is quite similar to the “pre-op labs” that your doctor may order before any treatment on you.

We have the capability to perform various blood screens, pre-anesthetic bloodwork, urinalysis, fecal analysis, and other types of testing when needed.